Wooneasy Deposit Policy

General Terms:

Residents at Wooneasy are required to submit a furniture deposit, the amount of which is specified during the booking transaction. This deposit serves as a security measure to safeguard the room and cover potential losses, excess costs, or damages to the lessor or the premises. Residents are not permitted, without prior written consent from Wooneasy, to apply this deposit to the last rent payment or any other sum due under this Agreement.

Upon vacating the premises, returning keys, and providing Wooneasy with a forwarding address, residents will receive an itemized written statement detailing the reasons for, and the dollar amount of, any portion of the deposit retained by Wooneasy. A check for any remaining deposit balance will also be provided.

The deposit will be returned within 21 business days after the end date of the stay, provided that contractual obligations have been met, and the resident ceases the use of the unit in accordance with the Agreement. Any outstanding amounts may be deducted from the furniture deposit before it is returned.

Wooneasy maintains a policy of preparing rooms with fresh bed linens and deep cleaning before move-in. Residents are expected to leave the room in the same condition, including replacing fresh bed linens and completing a deep move-out cleaning. Failure to adhere to this obligation may result in a service charge of up to $150, which could be added to the resident's account. Wooneasy may secure this amount before move-out or before signing a new contract.

If a resident fails to take possession of the premises after booking or vacates the premises before the term ends, the deposit will not be returned under any conditions. The resident may still be liable for the balance of the rent for the remainder of the term, adhering to other terms of the Lease Agreement ( Please refer to the cancellation policy ).

Lease extensions, whether confirmed in writing or through signing a new contract, will be treated as a new booking for the purpose of the deposit return policy. Failure to undertake the confirmed extension will result in the forfeiture of the deposit.

Guests who have booked for a future date and have paid a deposit and placement fee but decide to cancel, postpone, or are subject to restrictions might be allowed to carry forward their deposits as an in-house credit. This credit can be used for a future booking at a later date at any Wooneasy location. The return of the rent payment will be issued in accordance with the general terms.

Variable Terms:

The currency symbol refers to USD Dollars (USD$) for US properties and Euros (EUR€) for European properties. Accordingly, any reference to the ($) symbol will be replaced by the (€) symbol in European properties with the same numerical numbers.