About Us

Welcome to Woon Easy where we blend the comfort of home with the spirit of community. Our journey began in the picturesque city of Amsterdam, and as we ventured across the ocean to the bustling streets of New York, we carried with us a timeless Dutch sentiment: "East West Home is the Best."

About Us

Born in Amsterdam, a city that epitomizes a harmonious blend of history and innovation, our vision was clear: create a co-living space that transcends the ordinary. A place where young professionals and students find not just a room, but a community that echoes the warmth of a family. When we expanded to New York, we brought this ethos to life amidst its vibrant diversity, offering a safe haven that resonates with the city's dynamic pulse.

Our commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment extends beyond the physical spaces we design. Safety, a core pillar of our philosophy, is ensured through a meticulous background check of all tenants. This process is vital to maintaining the trust and security within our community, allowing residents to live and interact with peace of mind. We believe that a secure environment is the foundation of a comfortable and easy stay.

In both Amsterdam and New York, our properties stand as a testament to our dedication to comfort, convenience, and community. Each location is thoughtfully curated with fully furnished rooms and communal spaces that foster interaction and personal growth. We understand the challenges of relocating to a new city, and our team is committed to making your transition smooth and stress-free. Our flexible leasing options, all-inclusive pricing, and diverse amenities are designed to provide a hassle-free living experience.

"East West Home is the Best" is more than a slogan for us; it's a belief that guides our every decision. It's our promise that no matter where life takes you, with us, you'll always feel at home. We strive to create a nurturing environment where safety and comfort are paramount, ensuring that each resident's stay is not just a stay, but an enriching experience.

Join us at Woon Easy and discover a place where you can truly say,"I'm home."

Our Mission - Bringing Home to City Life

Our mission is to make city life accessible to those who aspire to live in the heart of it all. At Woon Easy, we're passionate about turning dreams into reality.

Our Values - Simplifying Life, Fostering Trust

At Woon Easy, we hold these values dear:

Safety: Your safety, our priority – At Woon Easy, we're dedicated to creating a secure and supportive environment where every tenant can live with peace of mind. We run background checks for each person who wants to stay at Woon Easy apartments.
Simplicity: Renting and transitioning to a new city should be simple. We streamline the entire process to make your urban adventure hassle-free.
Transparency: We don't hide information. We're transparent and honest about requirements, fees, listings, and what to expect as a Woon Easy resident.
Customer-Centric: Our customers are our priority. Our 24/7 support team is here to help you resolve issues and provide top-notch service, whether you're a tenant or an owner.

Our Promise - Urban Living Made Easy

With Woon Easy, luxury, comfort, and city living unite. Flexible lease terms, competitive rates, and private rooms await you. Plus, our co-living community ensures you make new friends and feel like you've found your city home.

We're here to redefine urban living. Are you ready to reimagine city life? Make urban living easy with Woon Easy!